Is the Best Community in the World your Box?

Picsil has proposed searching for the Best Community in the World. Is it your Box? The contest Best Community Award 2019 wants to reward the community spirit of boxes worldwide, because not everything is about max lifts, WODs and competitions.

What is this award about?

From Feb 14-21, 2019 you have to do three super simple “WODs”, be it scaled, Rx or super elite! To participate you must have a public Instagram account (or at least have it set to public during the time of the contest), and have your gym create a hashtag with its own name . #CrossfitBlaBla if it is affiliated . #BoxBlaBla if is not affiliated

Perform the 3 “WODs” to win

We know the CrossFit Open is right around the corner. That´s why the WODs we propose for this award aren’t tests of fitness but rather tests of community! Not everything in life is about the iron!

Wod 1 – Follow us!

This is a WOD for time, in which you have to follow Picsil on Facebook and Instagram. Each member of the gym that follows PicSil on social media will be awarded points for like and follow. The points will be awarded as follows: . Like our Facebook page – 5 points . Follow us on instagram – 5 points

Wod 2 – Post and Tag

This is a max out effort and comes with an individual prize! Each gym member posts a photo with as many PicSil products as they can and use the following hashtags: #PicSil #nameof the box You will be awarded points as follows: . 1 point for the photo . 1 point for every PicSil product you have on the photo The photo with the highest points (meaning the photo with the most PicSil products) will win an individual prize of 250€. Remember this is a max effort, so 1 photo per gym member allowed. Products, there is no limit!

WOD 3 – Reviews

Now this WOD is more like an AMRAP. You can write a review for any product you have tried, on our online store. ~ . 1 point for each review submitted by a gym member

How do I submit my scores?

It works pretty much like the Open. You have to submit the points for each WOD online before Feb 21 2019 23:59 GMT+1 (Madrid time) in order to validate your participation. Carefully add all your points, as once the score is uploaded you will not be able to alter the scores or resubmit. At Picsil we take honesty seriously and we expect you and your gym to follow all the rules of the contest. For this reason we have foreseen sanctions in case of suspicious activity. Members of the gym must be real people that go to the gym and not just some of your facebook friends or instagram followers. For this we need to know the number of members to ensure the gym isn´t “padding” their results. For every suspicious action we will remove the fake points accumulated, and award a 30% penalty to the total points.

Prizes for the Best Community

What can you win for participating in PicSil´s contest? . 1500€ in picsil products for the Best community of 2019 for your box . 250€ in Picsil products for the highest point score individually . 250€ in PicSil products for the highest point score individually in WOD2 Shows us you have the best box in the World and award your community for its hardwork and dedication!